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Last 4 Weeks

Sunday Morning

Pastor Pete Mallinger
Is This Me Lord?
James 4:17

Pastor Pete Mallinger
Fearless or Fear-Less?

Wes Bentley
Far Reaching Ministries

Pastor Sean Arviso Jr
Forgiveness & Fasting
Matthew 6:14-18

Wednesday Evening

Pastor Pete Mallinger
Revelation 1 : 1-8

Pastor Pete Mallinger
Revelation Intro

Pastor Pete Mallinger
Holy Spirit Is The Giver Of Gifts

Pastor Pete Mallinger
Joel 2:28-29


Sunday Evening

Pastor Pete Mallinger, Pastor Kirk Reynolds and Pastor Sean Arviso Jr.
Speak Up!
A Panel Discussion about Sharing Your Faith In A Comfortable Way.  Q&A at the end.

Pastor Pete Mallinger
Speak Up!
Friendship Evangelism

Pastor Sean Arviso Jr.
Speak Up!
Apologetical Evangelism

Pastor Kirk Reynolds
Speak Up!
Evangelism On-The-Fly